Salwa Judum Ruling: Govt Slammed for Seeking Review

Labelling the Supreme Court judgement lambasting appointment of vigilante groups like Salwa Judum to fight Maoists as historic, a group of civil society activists today demanded that the government focus on quick and sincere implementation of the order instead of seeking its review.

“The SC has given a historic and landmark judgement. Its implementation in letter and spirit will pave the way for a meaningful dialogue with Maoists,” Swami Agnivesh told reporters.

“It is not an ideological judgement and if the Centre raises questions on it, then this casts doubts on the intentions of the government,” he said.

The activists demanded that the government should register cases against the SPOs who are guilty of human rights violations and punish them so that others can be rehabilitated into the society.

“Since 2008, the Court has been telling the government to rehabilitate and compensate the victims of violence and file cases against the accused but the government has done nothing so far. They should be pulled up for contempt of court,” said Nandini Sundar, one of the petitioners in the case.

On the issue of rehabilitation of the SPOs, she suggested that they could be properly trained and formally recruited into the police force so that their accountability can be established.

The activists also criticized the development policies of the government and termed them as a form of “development terrorism” that intends to relegate the tribal land and mineral wealth to the “corporate mafia”.

They further stressed on the need for respecting and protecting the rights of tribals and demanded a peace initiative through a dialogue process that brings the basic problems of the tribals to the forefront.

The Supreme Court in its July 5 judgement had asked the Centre and Chhattisgarh Governments to desist from arming tribals in the name of SPOs, saying it was “unconstitutional”. The government, however has decided to move the Supreme Court to seek a review of its judgement.Courtesy:PTI


Author: madhubaganiar

Madhubaganiar loves to write on social issues especially for downtrodden segment of Indian society.

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