Songs, dance and hadia usher in Karma Puja

Kelly Kislaya,

RANCHI: As the tribal nature festival, Karma, got under way on Thursday, the tribal languages department of Ranchi University organized a programme to celebrate the festival where everyone, including chief minister Arjun Munda, broke into a dance, complete with a yellow bloom tucked behind his ear! As Munda watched the students (from language courses like ho, mundari, kharia, panch pargania, kurukh, khortha, santhali, nagpuri and kurmali) dancing to the beat of drums and folk songs, one of the participants greeted him with a flower. The mood was so joyous and the music so pulsating that Munda got swayed by the rhythm.

Sohan Munda, a student, said, “It is a festival of brotherhood and friendship. We worship trees during this festival as they are a source of livelihood.”

Tana Bhagats from Lohardaga also participated. Bija Tana Bhagat said, “It is a very important festival and we pray to mother nature to keep our farmlands green so that we get a rich harvest.”

Girdhari Ram Gaunjhu, HoD of tribal languages department, explained, “The festival has a close link with nature. Karam Devta, the God of power, youth and youthfulness, is worshipped during the festival. It is believed that the worship for good germination of grains, increases fertility.”

The devotees keep a day-long fast and worship the branches of karam and sal. Girls celebrate the festival for the welfare of their brothers. Gaunjhu said, “Vows of everlasting friendship and brotherhood are sealed by exchanging a jawa flower.”

Hadiya (rice beer) is an important component of the festival. A cup of hadiya is given to all as it is considered an energizing tonic which ensures good physical and mental health.

Apart from Munda, vice chancellor of RU, A A Khan, Ramdayal Munda and B P Kesri were also present. Towards the end of the celebration, no one could restrain himself from joining the dancers on stage.Courtesy:TheTimesofIndia.


Author: madhubaganiar

Madhubaganiar loves to write on social issues especially for downtrodden segment of Indian society.

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