First Adivasi PhD Dr Bimal Nag passes away

 DIBRUGARH, Nov 21 – Dr Bimal Nag, the first Adivasi PhD holder of Assam and former vice principal of Darrang College, passed away this morning at his residence in Tezpur. He was 82.

He left behind his son, a daughter and grand children.

Dr Nag was a pioneer in steering the Adivasi movement in Assam with respect to scheduling of the Adivasis. He was also associated with various organisations, prominent among them being the Adivasi Council and Assam Mundari Mahasabha.

Dr Nag gave the illiterate Adivasis of Assam the much needed leadership at a time when there were hardly any Adivasi Graduates.

Dr Nag was born in Kanke village in Ranchi, Jharkhand on July 22, 1929 and came to Assam when his parents were brought by British soldiers. He did his schooling in Guramari LP School in Tezpur and did his Matriculation from Tezpur Government Boy’s High School. He graduated from Cotton College with Botany and also did his MSc from there. Dr Nag taught for a short period in Cotton College of Guwahati and in St Edmund’s College in Shillong before he undertook his PhD research from Gauhati University.

After acquiring his Doctorate degree, Dr Nag served as a lecturer in Darrang College for about 23 years. He was head of the Department of Botany and later served as the vice principal of the college and retired from the college in 1993. Nevertheless, he did not give up teaching. He co-founded the Emmanuel College in Tezpur and taught there for several years.

Organizations like the AASAA, ATTSA, PAJHRA, Assam Mundari Sahitya Sabha, Adivasi Sahitya Sabha and various leaders of political organizations, condoled his demise. Courtesy:The AssamTribune


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