Ekal Vidyalayas help increase attendance

Dropout rates fall in rural schools

Bangalore- Increased awareness on health care and hygiene practices and lesser dropout rates in tribal schools were observed in districts where Ekal Vidyalayas, non-profit organisations run by the Friends of Tribal Society, were functional, an impact assessment study of their work in villages has found.

The findings of the impact assessment, conducted by Tata Dhan Academy, with guidance from Professor D.V.R. Seshadri, were announced at a press conference here on Tuesday. The study, which assessed the performance of 508 village schools across the country, found that there was a tangible impact on school drop-out rates. “The discipline and moral strength of the children was found to have rubbed off on the villagers and the parents. This way of teaching helps include the entire village population,” said Prof. Seshadri.

Ekal Vidyalaya offers “holistic education” and is a supplement to the formal education that children in these areas receive from regular schools.

The institutions are committed to imparting education on subjects not covered/taught in formal schools such as yoga, games, moral and value education.

The study collected data from 58 villages in Karnataka, across eight districts, found that Ekal Vidyalaya teachers were helping students cope with their studies, and student attendance in schools in the area had improved.

“After three years of this education, principals of government schools accept our students directly into third or fourth grade. Classes are usually held in the evenings in a non-formal location thus ensuring that all children attend,” said Ramesh P. Shah, a volunteer with the organisation.

Also, the study noted an increase in the number of parents sending girl children to schools in the area, and that the project most impacted members of socio-economically deprived communities in the region.Courtesy:TheHindu.



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