Effective Land Reforms Act required’

Mumbai : Alleging that the current Land Acquisition Act was “pro-corporate houses and anti-tribals”, a member of National Land Reforms Council (NLRC) today demanded an effective and comprehensive Land Reforms Act.

“The current Land Acquisition Act is pro-corporate houses and against the tribals. Therefore, we demand a pro-poor, comprehensive and effective Land Reforms Act, which will help in the rehabilitation of tribals and farmers,” Rajgopal P V, member of NLRC, chaired by Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, told reporters here.

“The forcible eviction of farmers and the poor for commercial gains has become a growing epidemic, resulting in massive poverty. The tribals, whose lands have been acquired, are moving towards cities and ultimately residing in slums,” he added.

He said that in order to press for the effective Land Acquisition Act, a protest march called as ‘Jansatyagraha’ has been planned to Delhi from Gwalior on October 12.

Rajgopal said that he had spoken to social activist Anna Hazare on the issue and had asked him to support for our cause. “I also held talks with Yoga guru Baba Ramdev and told him that black money is made white by purchasing land,” he said.

He further alleged that government itself was violating many laws.

“Government is violating several laws. Many laws such as Land Ceiling Act, Tenancy Registration Act, Forest Rights Acts, Atrocities Act for SCs and STs were violated by the government machinery.

While referring to the government data, the Ekta Parishad convenor also said that as many as 92,000 villages have disappeared from the map, due to the Land Acquisition Act.Courtesy:TheFinancialExpress.


Author: madhubaganiar

Madhubaganiar loves to write on social issues especially for downtrodden segment of Indian society.

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