Bumpy ride for ashram schools’ e-attendance project at ashram schools

Abhilash Botekar-NASHIK: Three weeks after biometric attendance devices were installed in all offices and ashram schools, following an announcement of the new system by tribal development minister Babanrao Pachpute, the department is yet to record 100% attendance online, as date updates are still pending, department officials said.

The announcement of electronic attendance at all the establishments of tribal development department by its minister Babanrao Pachpute, has failed to translate into reality given that the work of uploading the data was yet to be accomplished.

“The only problem is that the data of the schools is being prepared and uploaded to record the attendance at the click of the mouse,” the senior official said.

There were two problems with the data – one, it was in was that it was in

Marathi and two, the second – since an updated information was required many columns were required to be updated.

“For all this private agencies have been were hired for the task of of uploading the datawas being carried out,” said an officialthe official. The data being in Marathi coupled with the need to fill out several key columns in the online form, are being hailed as e reasons for delays in getting the updates done.

As of today, attendance at every office of the tribal department is being done using biometric application. Similarly, student attendance at almost all ashramschools is also being updated electronically. was also done and almost all of them were being recorded.

However, the data at 40% of the schools 40 percent of schools was is yet to be uploaded, the officials said. Officials have refrained from setting a specific deadline to complete the task Refusing to set a deadline for the to the work

but have said that it could take another 15 days, at least before the things were in place.

Another hindrance to the electronic conversion process is lack of Internet acccess. tranferrred On the other hand there were 25% of state schools reporteddo not have Internet connectivity. Schools have therefore been adopting a system where mobile data storage devices such as pen drives are being used to copy attendance data. This data is then digitally uploaded from an office that has an Internet connection, an official said.





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