nother tribal girl raped in Chhattisgarh

Rashmi Drolia- JASHPUR: Adding to the list of rapes in the district, yet another incident of tribal minor girl being raped came to light in Jashpur late on Saturday.

The minor girl, 17, who is a student of Class Xth at Shanti Bhawan School in Jashpur, was raped on January 7. She reported the incident on February 9. She belongs to Kharkona area which is about 50 Kilometres from Jashpur, so she stays in a hostel called Jyoti Niwas here.

 Talking to TOI over telephone, T I Gopal Vaishya said that the incident took place when the victim was returning to Jashpur after spending the holidays at her hometown. Briefing about the incident, he said, as there are only buses available for commuting, she was walking down towards the bus stop located at Astha, when Rupesh Singh Rajput, 27, offered a lift to the stop. Rupesh and victim knew each other as they resided in the nearby areas, so she accepted the offer.

Accused Rupesh had other intentions and he sped up his bike to an isolated place. Victim was dragged into the dense Dhardhari forest, where she was raped and threatened for life, if she revealed the case to anyone. “Out of fear, the victim, kept the incident to herself and returned to school, but on February 7, when she was on her way to the hometown again, Rupesh intervened her way. She was so scared seeing him that she ran back to Jashpur and narrated the incident to her warden, after which the case was reported at Kotwali police station,” inspector said.

He said that the girl had fears of getting infamous if she reported the incident to the police, but as she didn’t want another girl to fall prey to him and that she herself was in danger, a case against Rupesh was registered on February 9. Police have arrested the accused and a case under Section 376, 326,363, 368, 506 of the IPC.

Police said that the accused had sensed that the victim would report the case, therefore, a day before the incident was registered, he had made a complaint at Astha police station saying the girl was trying to blackmail him and was demanding Rs 1 lakh. Vaishya said that his complaint was immediately rejected.

The girl has undergone medical test following which, Rupesh was arrested. He is said to be a frequent offender.


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