Karam festival celebrated at Missa

 KALIABOR, Oct 4 – The Karam festival of tea workers and Adivasis was celebrated at the Missa Tea Garden Namghar premises under the auspices of the Jagaran Club in cooperation with the tea workers of Missa Tea Estate with a day-long programme recently. The programme included flag hoisting, swahid tarpan, tree plantation, quizcompetition, Jhumur dance competition, open meeting and akhara opening.

The open meeting held on the occasion was chaired by Narendra Nath Hazarika, retired principal, Kaliabor College. Anup Mehra, senior manager, Kellyden TE, Dr Pallav Sarma, Sr Medical Officer, Kellyden T E, Prof Satya Narayan Behra, Kaliabor College, Pradip Gayan, Secy, ACKS, Ram Bilash Taty, Benudhar Tasa were the guests of honour.

Udan Saharia, Welfare Officer, Kellyden TE, explained the objectives of the meeting. Kapil Kumar, secy, Karam Festival celebration committee, welcomed the guests and gave a detailed description of the Karam festival.

The president and all the guests present were accorded a warm felicitation with phulam gamosas on behalf of the Karam Festival Celebration Committee. Speaking on the occasion, all the guests praised the Karam festival committee for observing the festival for creating awareness and unity among the tea tribes.

A quiz competition was held on the occasion which was inaugurated by Manish Thakur, SI, SSS, Golaghat district.

In the presidential address, N N Hazarika said that as a national festival of the tea workers, it has various significant features through which it can promote inspiration, unity, fraternity and peace.

It was followed by the akhara inauguration by Anup Mehra, senior manager of Kellyden TE where Jhumur dance was performed by tea garden troupes with the plantation of a ‘Karam’ plant at a particular place.

Udan Saharia, Welfare Officer, offered the vote of thanks to the guests.


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