Tribal Jharkhand on canvas and marble

SANTOSH K. KIRO;For, the state art, culture, sports and youth affairs department has roped in 20 artists — 10 painters and same number of sculptors — from different districts to present a glimpse of tribal and rural Jharkhand vis-à-vis contemporary art. The paintings and sculptures will be put up on display for residents who will attend the celebrations scheduled to be held at Birsa Munda Football Stadium in Morabadi on statehood day.

Brushes, paints and canvases have come out of the bag, as the artists have gathered at Ram Dayal Munda Rajkiya Kala Bhavan in Hotwar from November 2 to work on their respective subjects and offer their creative best. They will have to be ready with their work by November 14. Chief minister Hemant Soren had inaugurated the camp.

“I will portray different aspects of Jharkhand — a new state — through my art. My model is a half-eaten apple. The portion of the fruit, which is eaten, depicts politicians and the rest of the apple represent the people of Jharkhand,” said Bishnu Kumar Singh, a sculptor from Daltonganj who is carving out the apple from a marble stone.

Sculptor Mithun Kumar Datta from Dhanbad believes that nothing positive could exist if the negative was not present. “Through my sculptures, I want to depict negative and positive aspects of life. While the positive things give pleasure, but without the negative it cannot exist. It is through negatives that one learns in life,” said Datta.

But, for painter Dinesh Ram, the opportunity to be able to present his work before the people of Jharkhand is itself a huge thing. “The people of Jharkhand have to grow up and start appreciating art forms. We have been showcasing our art at national and international forums, but this is the first time the state government has offered us a chance like this where our work will be exhibited during the statehood day celebrations and our own people will get to see our creations,” said Ram. His work will showcase tribal life, culture and situation through abstract painting.

Camp co-ordinator Dillip Toppo, who is also a sculptor and is working on his model, said the displays during statehood day celebrations would not only present Jharkhand vis-à-vis contemporary art, but also inspire youngsters to take up art.


Author: madhubaganiar

Madhubaganiar loves to write on social issues especially for downtrodden segment of Indian society.

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