Drop Gorkhaland name for state: Lama

VIVEK CHHETRI-Darjeeling, Nov. 26: Mahendra P. Lama, who will be contesting for the Lok Sabha polls as an Independent, today said that the word Gorkhaland should not be used while demanding a separate state.

During the inauguration of an office of the Darjeeling-Dooars United Development Foundation here, which has been set up by Lama and his supporters, he said: “At the moment we are only stating that we need a separate state. We will give a name to the statehood demand at an appropriate time.”

Till date, the demand of statehood has been synonymous with the name Gorkhaland, which was coined by GNLF leader Subash Ghisingh in 1980. Since then, all political and social parties in the hills have been demanding a separate state with the name Gorkhaland.

Lama, however, said: “We have been talking to people from every community, be it Gorkhas, Adivasis, Marwaris and even the Bengalis. Everyone from this region wants a state but they have their own reasons.”

The former vice-chancellor of Sikkim University added: “While the Gorkhas want a separate state for their identity (to differentiate themselves from the Nepali speaking people from Nepal), the Adivasis want it to safeguard their language and culture. The Marwari community wants statehood so that the business potentials are further strengthened as this region is surrounded by four international borders. Even the members of the Bengali community want a separate state so that there is a bigger playing field for Indian politics.”

Lama said the foundation: “is born out of the need to enhance the level of consciousness, and standard of debate and discourse on politics, development and environment, educational, professional and other critical issues that concern the Darjeeling district and Dooars region of today.”


Author: madhubaganiar

Madhubaganiar loves to write on social issues especially for downtrodden segment of Indian society.

4 thoughts on “Drop Gorkhaland name for state: Lama”

  1. Concept of separate state is nice but why separate state? What is the problem? Why people are not satisfied with the government of west Bengal?
    How this new state will differ from the government of WB, CG, Bihar and Jharkhand?
    This state is consisting of mixed group of people, adivasis, gorkhas, biharis, bengalis and others. Can people come out from the old government structure and create new one with new thoughts and vision? Can all group of people get equal share in all areas according to their population? Places in government and government service should be reserved for all group of people, no party politics, no congress or BJP. There should be representatives from all groups of people from all districts or area in the government. This is just my thoughts only. I do not know if it is good or bad.
    I wish that people will come with more ideas, views, creative thoughts, vision etc. Our thoughts will make difference and will create a new and better separate state.

  2. Kya aisa nahi ho sakta hai ki adivasi apne samaj se apna neta chune, gorkha apna neta chune, bengali apna aur bihari apna neta chune. Aur we bidhan sabha, rajya sabha aur lok sabha me apne logon ka pratinidhitwa karen.

  3. Thoughts of people
    What is identity of gorkhas? Do they want to be recognized as moolwasi of this new state? What does this mean for other community?
    Are adivasis really worried only about their language and culture and not interested in their development, business and politics?
    What is the meaning of Bengalis want larger political field? Do they want to control this new state alone?

  4. Some thoughts
    How this new state will survive with its limited resources?
    Will it be dependent on central government or other states?
    I have seen only tea industries in this area. Are there any other industries?
    Can closed tea industries be replaced by other kind of industries like mining, steel etc.?
    Is there any potential/possibility for mining, dam, hydroelectric power plant in hill areas of this new state? Who will be displaced then?
    Is there any plan for development of agriculture, forest and tourism?
    How many schools, collages, hospitals etc. needed?
    How will be job situation?
    What will new state do for people of all communities to live in peace and harmony?
    I am sorry if my feelings and thoughts hurt anyone. I do not know the realities and what is happening there. I feel that people should think about these kinds of questions for the best of all people and communities in this area.

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