Mushrooming trend

Mushroom cultivation has become a small-scale agriculture alternative for many in the northeast. A profitable venture, mushroom farming is suitable to climatic conditions of the north-eastern region.
Realising the potential of this non-traditional cash-crop, many people in the region are shifting their attention towards mushroom cultivation. The Ministry of Rural Development runs a special scheme on mushroom farming, which motivates many farmers to adopt this alternative form of farming. “The climate of Tripura is suitable for mushroom cultivation. There are wide varieties of mushrooms available in the forests and the tribal people collect them and sell it in the market. But this is not available the whole year. We want to increase mushroom cultivation. So,the ICAR is giving training to promote mushroom cultivation.” said Hemabati R, scientist, ICAR.
Success story
Nilotpal Sinha, a teacher turned entrepreneur runs “Vivekananda Mushroom centre” at South Hurua in North Tripura. He started mushroom farming in 2003 in a small area and today his centre produces 6 kg of crop everyday. Sinha earns Rs. 25,000 to 30,000 in a month by producing milky and oyster mushrooms. “Mushroom consumption in India is comparatively low, but 55 per cent of the households consume mushrooms in their daily diet.
The consumption in the northeast is a little higher than the rest of the country. As climatic conditions in the northeast suit mushroom farming, efforts are on to encourage more farmers to take on mushroom as an alternative farming option.Courtesy:ANI


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