Girl’s body denied cremation for 36 hours due to social boycott

Rashmi Drolia,-RAIPUR: Family of a tribal girl ostracized from society six months ago could not cremate the girl’s body for 36 hours due to social stigma in Jashpur district of Chhattisgarh. The villagers demanded Rs 13000 from her family as condition to accept them back into society and help in cremation.

19-year-old Alfa Tirki of Tapkara block in Jashpur committed suicide on Thursday evening after an argument with her beau.

Six months ago, the village elders had boycotted the Tirki family after Alfa had an affair with a local villager of another caste.

Girl’s mother Elizabeth said, village society imposes Rs 8000 on a family whose member has an affair with a person from another caste. The penalty slapped on a family whose member has an affair with person of same caste is Rs 3500. Paying these amounts would lift the boycott and families would be accepted back into the forld. Elizabeth added due to her husband’s perpetual illness, they were not in a condition to pay the amount and remove the boycott.

When Alfa hanged herself to death due to a troubled relationship with her beau Bhim Tamrakar, no villager came forward to help the family cremate her body due to the imposed ban on them.

On the contrary, they imposed a fresh condition of payment of Rs 13000 as penalty amount to help the family cremate Alfa’s body and remove the ban.

“Despite efforts, I could only arrange for Rs 8000, after which the society gave us a relief of Rs 5000. It took nearly 36 hours for our daughter to be cremated,” said Elizabeth.

Tapkara police said they were investigating the suicide case but have no information regarding the fine imposed, as no one filed any such complaint.


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