Rights outfits term AOB encounter ‘fake’


VIJAYAWADA: Members of the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Civil Liberties Committees have alleged that the gunning down of 23 Maoists and nine Adivasis by the police at Ramgarh village in the cut-off area of the Andhra-Odisha Border on October 24 was a fake encounter.

They also termed as fake the recent encounters in Kerala, Odisha and other States, and demanded that the government order a probe by a Supreme Court Judge into these encounters and book policemen involved in them under Section 302 of the IPC.

The APCLC, in association with Jana Natya Mandali, CPI (M), CPI-ML, Chaitanya Mahila Sangham, Amaraveerula Bandhu Mitrula Committee, Viplava Rachayitala Sangham (Virasam), CPI (ML-New Democracy) and other organisations, on Saturday arranged a meeting at the CPI (M) office and condemned the encounters.

Jana Natya Mandali members sang songs criticising the “cruel” acts of the police against the tribals in the forests, and blamed the State governments for not following the directions of the Supreme Court and High Court, and the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC).

Amaraveerula Bandhu Mitrula Committee leaders alleged that the Andhra and Odisha police violated human rights and disfigured the bodies of Maoists and tribals.

APCLC leader Chiluka Chandrashekar presented the observations of the fact-finding committee on the AOB encounter.

Former Rajya Sabha member P. Madhu, former MLC Jalli Wilson, and APCLC AP and Telangana convenor N. Seshaiah spoke. Committee State president V. Chitti Babu presided over the programme.

The organisers said that the fact-finding committee, which visited Bejjanki forests in Odisha (where the alleged encounter took place), raised many doubts and reached the conclusion that the encounter was fake.Courtesy:TheHindu.


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